At Volvo Cars Palm Springs, we know that some car owners are passive about alignment service. We encourage you and every driver in Cathedral City, CA to understand that periodic alignment adjustments are critical. Proper alignments can provide smooth rides and lengthen tires' lives.

Instead of being passive, take an active interest in your car's alignment. Have us evaluate it on our alignment machine. We'll discover whether it has any issues related to its camber, toe and caster measurements. What are those? Camber measures a tire's angle versus the ground when the tire is vertical. Our target is a right angle. Toe indicates whether a tire points right, straight or left when your steering wheel is centered. We want every tire in a neutral, straight position. Caster identifies problems with your rear wheels' ability to directly trail your front wheels.

Upon your approval, we will expertly correct any alignment issues we discover. You'll be glad after we're done.

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