When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, sometimes your wheels can go out of alignment. Misaligned wheels can cause your wheels to wear unevenly and reduce handling. For drivers in Cathedral City, our service team is here to help you when your vehicle needs service.

A wheel alignment consists of us using an alignment machine that takes a look at your vehicle's current alignment. The machine will check for three different angles on your tire including the camber, caster, and toe.

If the machine detects a misalignment, it will adjust the angle of the wheels accordingly. That way your vehicle's tires wear less, helps provide straighter vehicle tracking and restores the vehicle's handling to factory specifications.

How often should you have your vehicle's alignment checked? Performance vehicles will need tires realigned more regularly. Tires will typically need realignment every two to three years, but they'll also be aligned when you have new tires installed as well.



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