Some automakers make vehicles that will stand out from the crowd, and Volvo is one of them. It doesn't take long to notice the Volvo V90 while driving through Cathedral City because it is special. There is a reason this luxury wagon is so popular, and we know it has something to do with its performance.

All-Wheel Drive

Icy roads, wet roads, poorly maintained roads, and off-road conditions are not a problem with the Volvo V90. This vehicle comes with all-wheel drive capabilities, which give you more control and precision when driving. You'll not only feel safer driving the V90 with this feature, but you'll also find the drive even more enjoyable.


Technology keeps finding ways to improve cars, and the Volvo V90 is using one of the newest pieces of tech in the V90, which deals with the engine. The start/stop technology shuts off the engine when idling and starts it right back up when you press the pedal. This helps reduce your use of fuel, and you know that's good for everyone.

These are just some reasons we have fallen in love with the Volvo V90, but come down for a test drive to find out other reasons for our excitement.



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